Collection of photos and video of bridges of Ulyanovsk from various foreshortenings

President's bridge, one of the longest in Europe. And probably most often met in photos of residents of Ulyanovsk.
Length of the bridge — 5 825 meters, total length of the bridge crossing — 12 970 meters. Length of a standard flying structure — 220 meters, weight — more than 4000 tons. Bridge width (top tier) — 25 meters. Height of support — from 11 meters at the left coast to 60 meters at the right coast.

#2. Lunar path to Imperatorsky Bridge
Лунная дорожка к Императорскому мосту
Total length is 2800 m. Combined railway single-line with automobile.

#3. Downtown, river port and Imperatorsky Bridge
Downtown, river port and Imperatorsky Bridge

#4. The bridge through the Sviyaga River
The bridge through the Sviyaga River

#5. Imperatorsky Bridge
Императорский мост

#6. Sunset over President's bridge
Закат над Президентским мостом

#7. Under the overpass on the industrial zone
Под путепроводом на промзоне

#8. Cargo port and Imperatorsky Bridge and downtown
Грузовой порт и Императорский мост

#9. Lower terrace and Prezidenstky Bridge
Нижняя терраса и Президенсткий мост

#10. Left-bank extremity of the bridge in hot day. To an extreme support in water of nearly 5800 m.
Левобережная оконечность моста в жаркий день
On columns of lighting the haze is very noticeable.

#11. President's bridge
President's bridge

#12. At the bridge
У моста

#13. President's bridge
President's bridge

#14. Mobile platform of service
Передвижная площадка обслуживания

#15. Under the bridge
Под мостом

#16. 1000 and 1 bolt
1000 и 1 болтик

#17. Structure of the bridge - the top tier
Конструкция моста

#18. Ship course and Paltsinsky island

#19. View of Volga with the item. Red Yar, right coast of Ulyanovsk
Вид на Волгу с п. Красный яр

#20. View of the bridge and settlement Slate mine
View of the bridge and settlement Slate mine

#21. Two bridges and Volga
Два моста и Волга

#22. Pedestrian bridge over the river Sviyaga
Пешеходный мост через р. Свиягу
Cabling structure, length of 110 m.

#23. Rosemount lifting water Sviyaga
Уровнемер подъема воды в Свияге