Travel on Lake Baikal by Baikal–Amur Mainline roads

In August of the 16th year it was succeeded to make an automobile trip on northern coast of Lake Baikal.
Prepared the car, the trailer with all srub and early in the morning started from Boguchansky district towards Kodinsk, on the good grader along the Angara River, reached very quickly. Further us 250 km old concrete trough valleys Kodinsk-Bratsk expected the Boguchany hydroelectric power station laid even for construction. By the way, Yandex Maps claim that you will eat up by car in some 4 hours, don't believe!


Travel to caves on the Snake mountain(alt. Snake cave), Krasnyi Gylyai, the Ulyanovsk region

Gathered with friends for the nature to the region of the item of Smorodinovo in the hot summer afternoon. The route was assumed standard asphalt passed on any car. But! There was a surprise and the route turned out absolutely unusual...
 Preamble. I, looking through satellite pictures, for a long time was interested in the road between Soldier's Tashla and Red It is walked, and also caves on the Snake mountain. And occasions there to go specially, to check and look for, somehow everything didn't happen... This day it turned out to take local natives with which we precisely will find everything and we won't get lost in the company.

So, the expedition began... We took a direct exchange to Tashla.


A trip to the Yulovsky pond and a walk in the surroundings

 On one of the hot summer days, I was invited to take a ride with colleagues in the Inzensky District on the Yulovsky Pond (N53.966420, E46.516309), I only knew about the place that the landlord Yulov built this pond for the mill more than 100 years ago, & nbsp; I saw several frames from friends. The terrain on the satellite images seemed interesting, the pond itself is large, about 2 km in length, next to it are several ancient meteorite craters (in other versions these are ancient man-made formations). In general, I could not refuse ...