Travel on the mountain Grannoe Ear

Гранное ухо, вид снизу

 In the Ulyanovsk region there are many interesting places, one of them fine national park Sengileevskiye mountains, located in Sengileevsky district of area. The area is unique, many places are announced by nature sanctuaries. I will tell about one of them today - ostanets Grannoe Ear.

 Grannoe ear is the dominating height in the park, in the top point makes more than 310 meters. It is located near the settlement of Tsemzavod...
0 in a shot it on the right.

 The mountain is put from diatomaceous rocks - in other words, these are the fossilated shells of ancient diatomaceous seaweed. According to legends from it Stenka Razin's robbers looked out for the merchant vessels going across Volga. To the mountain there are 2 roads passed (from skill shares) on the passenger car, but of course it is better to go by the SUV there. One road conducts through the settlement with smooth rise through the wood, the second is more extreme, on a cretaceous slope of a ravine at the bottom of which the settlement is located.
Посёлок Цемзавод Посёлок Цемзавод Посёлок Цемзавод

After rise there is a quite good picturesque clearing where it is possible to stop and recover the breath. Поляна над Цемзаводом

Unusually and beautifully
Поляна над Цемзаводом

In the reserve big ant hills meet

The road quite excellent, and for the jeep just picturesque, the only piece calling the city car of difficulty on spring (or during wet weather it is final rise to the mountain. It looked so... Дорога на Гранное Ухо

Sometimes it is possible to meet on the road a blockage, and behind it a good path Дорога на подъеме к Гранному Уху Дороги у Гранного Уха

Having overcome this site, we get out to the platform at a foot of ostanets. Where the plate it is proud informs that we arrived to the address. Гранное Ухо

to the right of it it is possible to rise by top easily Виды с вершины Гранного Уха Гранное ухо

Above quite deep karst funnels meet
Карстовые провалы

The look opening from top of the mountain is simply magnificent! Виды с вершины Гранного Уха посёлок Цемзавод Осенний лес

Slope towards Tushna and Shilovka, small-small trees below...
Вид в сторону Шиловки Виды с вершины Гранного Уха Гранное ухо

Foreshortening on a mountain foot Гранное ухо, вид сверху

The fine review on the settlement of Tsemzavod and the Volga River
Гранное ухо, вид на цемзавод Гранное ухо

From below types not to exchange are monumental
Гранное Ухо Гранное Ухо Гранное ухо, вид снизу Гранное ухо, вид снизу

Curious undermining in the mountain, is located at the deadlock (if to stand facing the mountain) are expensive Подкоп в горе

And finally a view of the settlement in a ravine. The cement plant aren't constructed yet and there is no landslide.


PS: Gps-track from a glade on forest roads here. Still photo with a geo-tag.