Off-road expedition - in search of caves on the Snake mountain(alt. Snake cave).


Gathered with friends for the nature to the region of the item of Smorodinovo in the hot summer afternoon. The route was assumed standard asphalt passed on any car. But! There was a surprise and the route turned out absolutely unusual...
 Preamble. I, looking through satellite pictures, for a long time was interested in the road between Soldier's Tashla and Red It is walked, and also caves on the Snake mountain. And occasions there to go specially, to check and look for, somehow everything didn't happen... This day it turned out to take local natives with which we precisely will find everything and we won't get lost in the company.

So, the expedition began... We took a direct exchange to Tashla.

 In Tashle we turn left on the concrete road to gas station, companions decide to be filled in with fuel on full, and that: "you never know" :)
I make couple of photos and I gather a full package of green tasty apples on trees lengthways дороги. Near gas station camouflage entrenchments and other fortification constructions...
У заправки

We wait for companions, we finish survey of constructions and we start at way. Ahead novel road...
Стартуем на приключения

The concrete road is whole, it is possible to go surely near 60km\h till the end of it at gate of a soldier's part.

We look back towards Tashla....
Въезд в лес

Вид на ташлу

Forward, only forward, slide a wheel, don't knock a suspension bracket! We gnaw apples, we enjoy a trip.

 The concrete road comes to an end with primer which in satellite pictures seemed (and when it seems, we know what turns out) quite passable.
We go forward, and to a step backwards! for us   Moscow  cars of friends and a track without the right for a mistake!
Начало лесной грунтовки

невинная колея

Primer innocent at first, comes to an end in the real forest track.... Some, not jeepers in soul, begin to be frightened and think about me anything. Native shocked: - so we still in Walk didn't go.
already nobody gnaws Apples.... ураловская колея

Almost final turn...

 It is necessary to notice, the road rises up all the time, sandy sites from small quartz sand on which summer rubber gives in come across and it is necessary to pilot fervently without distracting on the parties.
 You look a photo and the track not so frightens, in the zasadnykh (as sandy, and those where under car on cards can be passed) places we just didn't stop, to start there then not really.
Successful 20th minute rise on 230 meters the vvekh (from Tashla's level), delivered the mass of adrenaline and excellent impressions of balancing on a track top.

 Having got out of the wood on open spaces at airfield, we have a rest, we have a snack apples. I decide to glance in an old stone quarry that slightly more to the left and back from departure from the wood.
Some pebbles are monumental, visible traces of active work of development. Very good place for a picnic for couple of days, the only minus is a lack of a reservoir.



Having wandered among man-made rocks, we leave back on open spaces at airfield
дорога на аэродром

At the left we leave the small semi-thrown pit with quartz sand
карьер с кварцевым песком

 Y figurative fork will be slightly farther, the right branch leaves on an embankment towards Silicate, and left along airfield to the snake mountain, the navigator authoritatively drives.

 The rest of a way after rise doesn't represent any difficulties for the accurate driver of pepelayets with low clearance. Having reached the place, and having a little bit had a rest, we start searches of entrances to a cave. The local native without having found entrances familiar to it (it appeared from last year a little filled up) just suggests to wander on the area and to shoot a miscellaneous.
камни у пещер

One of the filled-up entrances. The native already doubts that we will get to caves
заваленный вход

We don't give up we look for other entrances, and at last we find, at first 1y an entrance very narrow "rip-off", and then and the second, easier through which we also went down in caves.
простой вход в пещеры

In caves it was pleasant to plunge into cold air, temperature is so low that in places on walls hoarfrost and ice lies.
внутри пещер


лёд на стенах

Halls are very big, in places from a ceiling roots, a moss hang down, the picture is gloomy.
один из залов


In halls bats come across, in some places it is necessary to make the way on plastoon. With itself good light is necessary, т.к on some walls stones are very sharp!

А теперь по пластунски!

Острый кусок скалы

 Having wandered on halls about an hour the most part of team got tired, froze, some the situation began to bring discomfort. Without thinking got out to fresh air.

We go to watch the last place of interest of the Snake Mountain under the name "Devils Bridge".

The bridge is as if the arch connecting two rocks a narrow stone isthmus to an opening is slightly closer, than 2\3 are long.
Чертов мост

Чертов мост

The native tells a baize that on this narrow transition still nobody managed to come over to other side, and one faithless student was dragged then in Krasnyi Gulyai on a stretcher. Then discussing impressions and looking through shots we remembered that yes, nobody tried to walk though it is necessary to take 3-4 steps there.

чертов мост

чертов мост

чертов мост

 Пhaving examined all sights of this beautiful place, moved in Krasnyi Gulyai. The road is excellent! On a kilometer piece were driven with a breeze (to 90km \h) and not to swallow dust held 100 m a distance
На Красный гуляй

 Here, perhaps and all. Pokatushki leave, an object is mastered and he can be visited still more than once, having opened for itself something new.


If who sets on our traces, here to you gps-track  and track is simpler no offroad.

Additional shots with an exact binding can be looked in Google Earth, for example: